Body Image

Promoting Body confidence in children

Workshops and training for staff, pupils and parents

We work with staff to;
Raise awareness of the importance of body confidence in children
Share up-to-date research on this topic
Consider how to address this topic sensitively
Introduce a practical curriculum for schools

We work with pupils to;
Consider some of the pressures that might influence them
Learn to question the messages they receive
Share practical strategies to support themselves and others
Help build their body confidence and self esteem

We work with parents to;
Raise awareness of the effect of body image on their child’s well-being
Help them recognise the signs of a poor body image
Understand the importance of their child’s body confidence
Offer practical strategies for them to try at home

“Brilliant talk! This has really made me think, I will definitely be more aware of how I talk to my son as well as my daughter!”
Parent – Perse Prep School