Intervening Early Promoting Positive Behaviour in Young Children

A practical tool to assess behaviour and resources to support children in the early years
By Nicky Hutchinson and Hilary Smith
Published By David Fulton Books 2005

This resource book was written to give early years professionals a tool to identify and address behaviour concerns at an early stage.

When the behaviour of young children causes concern, practitioners often find it difficult to identify exactly what the child’s needs are or how to focus their support most effectively. This book helps meet this challenge. Its inclusive approach seeks to promote positive behaviour in all children.

The book includes
A straightforward assessment process to identify children who need additional support
Practical strategies to encourage positive behaviour and promote emotional well being
Informative case studies that show how solutions work in practice

“An invaluable resource for our nursery and reception classes. It not only helps us recognise behaviour needs but has given us great ideas on how to support our children.”
Head of Early Years

This book is an ideal resource for all early years’ practitioners working across a variety of settings for young children.