Body Image in the Primary School

A self-esteem approach to building body confidence for children aged 6-13
By Nicky Hutchinson and Chris Calland
Published By David Fulton Books 2011

‘Body Image in the Primary School’ was the first Body Confidence curriculum aimed at young children. This book won the Body Confidence Government Award for Education in 2012. It contains over 60 comprehensive, evidence based lessons suitable for 6-13 year olds. It is recommended by the PSHE Association and Ofsted.

The average child watches between 20,000 and 40,000 adverts a year
Girls as young as six are cutting down on what they eat to stay thinner
Three quarters of ten and eleven year olds would like to change their appearance

“One of the clearest and most informative resource books I have read in a long time. Every school should have one.”
Dr Helen Wright – Head of the Girls’ School Association 2012

Body image and its impact upon self-esteem has been recognised as an issue which affects increasingly younger children. Research in this area has traditionally focused on adolescents yet anxieties about appearance often develop at a much earlier age than this. Primary schools have a critical role in helping children to develop a healthy body image through positive intervention.

Body Image in the Primary School offers step-by-step lessons for teachers to address this issue. It examines the continuous media and peer pressures that young children are exposed to and encourages children to recognise their own strengths and qualities and to become resilient members of society. The authors demonstrate a practical range of activities and projects for teachers to work with designed to make them confident in discussing body image in the classroom.

This book offers
Lesson plans for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and the transition to Key Stage 3
 Practical guidance on how to support and involve parents and carers
 Analysis on the changing social influences of home life, peer pressure and the media
An overview of research on how body image impacts on academic achievement and emotional well-being

The Government now recommends that Body Image is taught in all Primary and secondary schools and this book will be of significant interest to all teachers, teaching assistants and practitioners working with primary aged children