Not Just Behaviour
Education training and support
Training and consultancy in all aspects of children's social, emotional and behavioural development

We deliver training to a broad range of audiences in the education and commercial sector. Our training courses are participative, motivating and challenging and always highly evaluated.
Our coaching programmes offer support to individuals to develop their knowledge and skills in order to improve their performance and effectiveness in the workplace. In addition to providing coaching support for individuals, we also train managers to become coaches.

We provide courses to support all professionals who are concerned with children's social, psychological and emotional well being. We work with schools in the independent and state sector.
Recent courses have included:

* Behaviours for Learning
* Emotional health and well-being in your school
* Starting and Ending a lesson effectively
* Understanding attachment theory
* Developing your behaviour policy
* Preparing for Ofsted

Recent advisory work to schools includes the following:

*Providing surgeries for staff to discuss specific cases
* Reviewing and developing a behaviour policy
* Audit of pupils’ emotional health and well-being across
the school
*Promoting a healthy body image. See body image work
*Professional development and coaching for individual teachers
* Supporting a challenging class
* Consultative supervision for learning mentors, teaching staff and heads.

Commercial Organisations
In recent years our expertise has been in demand from organisations other than education who have recognised that our skills and knowledge in psychology and learning are transferable and highly relevant to the commercial sector. We design training programmes for a number of corporate clients. Our courses on interpersonal skills measurably improve the performance of individuals and teams. Examples of these include;
*Understanding non- verbal communication
* Managing conflict
* How to be make effective presentations

We also run lunchtime seminars on parenthood and family life for working parents. This has given employees an opportunity to reflect on this most important aspect of their lives, connect with others and receive expert advice and support on family matters. Recent clients have included Barclays Corporate, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst and Young and Allen and Overy.
Recent examples include;

* Understanding non- verbal communication
* Managing conflict
* Raising 21st century boys and girls
* Your child’s emotional development from toddler to teen
* Your child’s body image and identity
* ‘Why can’t you buy me one?’ How to resist pester power.

All courses can be tailored to your specific requirements.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss the work you require and receive a quote without any obligation

‘’ Really useful, well structured and practical training session. Nicky and Chris are well informed and really tailored the day to what we need.’’  Helen, year 6 Teacher.

"I really found today's seminar very useful.  I am so appreciative of the insight this gave me and for the excellent practical advice that was offered.’’ Peter, bank employee

‘’Your report is great and has provided us with excellent external evidence to provide for OFSTED’’  Hilary, Head Teacher