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Winners in 2012 at

Body Image

Not Just Behaviour tackles Body Image...

In the past body image has been seen as a particular issue for teenage girls, however research is now showing that media pressures and celebrity culture is having an impact on both boys and girls at a much younger age.

Changing issues of Body Image

In 2012 the government recognised our work with schools and children. We won the Government Body Confidence award for education.

Award Winners 2012

Following requests from teachers and parents we wrote our book  ‘Body Image in the Primary School’ and work nationally to promote good practice for teachers and run workshops for parents and pupils.

Our book

We offer a tailored service of training and support. Our training is interactive and always highly evaluated to suit the specific requirements of each establishment.  Contact us for a no obligation quote.

Training and Courses to suit everyone

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‘One of the clearest and most informative resource books I have read in a long time. Every school should have one’

Dr Helen Wright – Head of the Girls School Association

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School Staff

We work with staff to:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of developing body confidence in children.
  • Address concerns about approaching the topic sensitively.
  • Understanding eating disorders.
  • Introduce a curriculum for school.


We work with parents to:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of building body confidence in their children.

  • Help them recognise the signs of poor body confidence & low self esteem.

  • Offer practical strategies for them to try at home.


We work with pupils to:

  • Build their body confidence and self esteem.

  • Raise their awareness of media pressure.

  • Introduce the body confidence curriculum.

Training Courses/ Workshops: