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About Not Just Behaviour

We both have over 25 years’ experience of working with schools, families and children. Since 1997 we have worked part-time for Bristol local authority providing specialist advice and training to schools on children’s social, emotional and behavioural development. In recent years we have also been providing courses for commercial organisations.

We started Not Just Behaviour in 2008 to enable us to offer our knowledge and skills to a broader range of parents, schools and organisations.

We have a particular interest in helping children to cope with the pressures of modern society. We have spoken nationally about this topic and have advised the government on how to promote a healthy body image and positive self-esteem in school children. We published Body Image in the Primary School in March 2011.


Nicky Hutchinson
Cert.Ed. B.Ed. M.Ed.

I have taught in primary schools in Somerset, Bristol and London. I also have additional training in therapy. I have worked as a special educational needs co-ordinator and have taught in family centres and pupil referral units. I have 3 sons and live in Somerset.

Intervening Early by Nicky Hutchinson & Hilary Smith
Published by David Fulton, 2005

An ideal resource for all early years practitioners working across a variety of settings for young children. When the behaviour of young children causes concern, practitioners often find it difficult to identify exactly what the child’s needs are or how to focus their support more effectively.
This book will help meet this challenge. Its inclusive approach seeks to promote positive behaviour in all children.
This book includes:
* A straightforward assessment process to identify children who need additional support
* Practical strategies to encourage positive behaviour and promote emotional well being
* Informative case studies to show how the solutions can work in practice.

Chris Calland


After working in Australia and Portugal as an English language teacher, I taught English and drama in secondary schools in Bradford and Bristol. I have worked in a number of specialist behaviour units and have a particular interest in coaching. I have a son and daughter and live in Bristol.

Nicky Hutchinson

Chris Calland